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(Not recommended) Show or hide specified plot tool

    showplottool is not recommended. Use inspect to launch the Property Inspector instead. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.



    showplottool(tool) shows specified plot tool on the current figure. If no current figure exists, showplottool will create one.

    When you dock, undock, resize, or reposition a plot tool, MATLAB® restores that configuration when you invoke the tool for subsequent figures, both within and across MATLAB sessions. There is no command to reset a plot tool to its original configuration.

    showplottool(state,tool) changes the state of the specified plot tool on the current figure. For example, showplottool("on","plotbrowser") shows the Plot Browser.

    showplottool(fig,___) operates on the specified figure instead of the current figure. The input fig can precede any of the input argument combinations in the previous syntaxes.


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    Show the Property Editor on a figure by calling the showplottool function. The tool opens in the same configuration as last time you invoked the tool.


    Property Editor tool below a figure window

    Input Arguments

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    Selected plot tool, specified as one of these values:

    • "figurepalette" — Operate on the Figure Palette.

    • "plotbrowser" — Operate on the Plot Browser.

    • "propertyeditor" — Operate on the Property Editor.

    Example: showplottool("toggle","figurepalette") toggles the state of the Figure Palette in the current figure.

    Plot tool state, specified as one of these values:

    • "on" — Show plot tool.

    • "off" — Hide plot tool.

    • "toggle" — Switch the plot tool state between the "on" and "off" states.

    Example: showplottool("on","propertyeditor") shows the Property Editor plot tool on the current figure.

    Target figure, specified as a Figure object. Use fig to show or hide the plot tool on a specific figure instead of the current figure.

    Example: showplottool(f,"figurepalette") shows the Figure Palette plot tool on the figure f.


    Select the Figure Palette, Plot Browser, and Property Editor options from the View menu of a figure window.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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