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Rotate colormap colors


spinmap rotates the current colormap by two rows repeatedly for approximately three seconds.

spinmap(t) rotates the current colormap by two rows repeatedly for t seconds.


spinmap(t,n) rotates the current colormap by n rows for t seconds.


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Create a surface plot that uses the default colormap. Then rotate the colormap by one row for five seconds.


Input Arguments

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Rotation duration, specified as a scalar numeric value or 'inf'. A numeric value specifies the number of seconds to rotate the colormap. A value of 'inf' makes the colormap rotate indefinitely.

Rotation amount, specified as a numeric scalar value. The first rotation shifts each color in the colormap by n rows. Subsequent rotations shift the colormap by an additional n rows.

Positive values increment the rows, where the last color wraps to the first row. A negative value decrements the rows, where the first color wraps to the last row.


Press Ctrl+C to interrupt the rotation before t has elapsed.

Introduced before R2006a