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Domain-Specific Modeling

Solve structural mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetic problems using specific objects corresponding to each problem type

Model your structural, thermal, or electromagnetic problem by creating a corresponding object to store parameters of the problem. In this workflow, you can only store parameters belonging to the specified analysis type. For example, a StructuralModel object cannot store parameters corresponding to a thermal or electromagnetic problem, such as thermal conductivity or current density. To store all physical parameters for structural, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses, and for ease of switching between analyses types, use Unified Modeling.

For help migrating your existing code to the unified finite element workflow, see Migration from Domain-Specific to Unified Workflow.


  • Structural Mechanics
    Solve linear static, transient, modal analysis, and frequency response problems
  • Heat Transfer
    Solve conduction-dominant heat transfer problems with convection and radiation occurring at boundaries
  • Electromagnetics
    Solve problems that model electric and magnetic fields