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Visualization and Data Export

Visualize RF data using Smith charts, polar, and Cartesian plots; save Touchstone files

You can use RF Toolbox™ functions to visualize component or network behavior:

  • Smith® Chart

  • Rectangular plots

  • Polar plots

You can also create charts and plots using The RF Design and Analysis Tool.

The RF domain uses many types of data files, including industry-standard Touchstone files (.s2p) and AMP files, a MathWorks® nonlinear file format. You can write data into these files using several different RF Toolbox functions.

You can also export a network to Verilog-A format for use as a test environment in an analog circuit simulator. See Export a Verilog-A Model.


RF Toolbox does not support Touchstone 2.0 files.


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rfplotPlot S-parameter data
setrfplotSet axis type for rfplot in RF Toolbox
smithplotPlot measurement data on Smith chart
circleDraw circles on Smith Chart
smithPlot specified circuit object parameters on Smith chart
polarPlot specified object parameters on polar coordinates
loglogPlot specified circuit object parameters using log-log scale
plotPlot specified circuit object parameters on X-Y plane
plotyyPlot specified parameters on X-Y plane with Y-axes on both left and right sides
semilogxPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
semilogyPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for y-axis
reportSummarize IF planning results in command window
OpenIFFind open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture
rfchainCreate rfchain object
rfwriteWrite RF network data to Touchstone file
writevaWrite Verilog-A description of rational function object
writeWrite RF data from circuit or data object to file


Model RF Objects Using Verilog-A

Describes Verilog-A, the type of model you can export, and what you can do with the exported model.

Analyze and Plot RF Components

Explains how to use RF Toolbox software methods to analyze RF components in the frequency domain and how to compute and plot time-domain specifications.

Export Component Data to a File

Explains how to export RF object data to industry-standard data files and MathWorks AMP files.

Export a Verilog-A Model

Describes how to export a Verilog-A description of an RF component by using a rational function model.

Export RF Objects

Describes exporting RF circuit objects to a file or to the MATLAB® workspace.

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