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Brakes and Detents

Rotational and translational friction and detents that limit, slow, or stop motion

Blocks in the Brakes and Detents library represent elements and frictional forces that limit, slow, and stop motion. Simscape™ Driveline™ brake blocks also have thermal variants that allow you to determine how heat generation affects the efficiency and temperature of driveline components. To determine if your system produces forces and torques that overcome the holding forces produced by brakes and detents, connect these blocks together just as you would assemble a physical driveline system.

Simscape Blocks

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Band BrakeFrictional brake with flexible band wrapped around rotating drum
Disc BrakeFrictional brake with pressure-applying cylinder and pads
Double-Shoe BrakeFrictional brake with two pivoted shoes diametrically positioned about a rotating drum with triggered faulting
Loaded-Contact Rotational FrictionLoaded-contact friction between two rotating surfaces
Rotational DetentDouble-sided, spring-loaded rotational detent
Loaded-Contact Translational FrictionLoaded-contact friction between two sliding surfaces
Translational DetentDouble-sided, spring-loaded translational detent