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Driveline axes coupled with Coulomb friction

Clutch blocks allow you to transfer rotational motion and torque among spinning components at different speeds and gear ratios. In general, a single set of gears is not sufficient to accomplish this transfer. Control the time, method, and quantity of transferred power by building high-fidelity custom clutch systems that connect clutches to multiple blocks from the Gears library. Determine how heat generation affects the efficiency and temperature of driveline components using thermal variants of clutch blocks.

Simscape Blocks

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Cone ClutchCone clutch with plates that engage when normal force exceeds threshold
Disc Friction ClutchFriction clutch with disc plates that engage when plate pressure exceeds threshold
Dog ClutchClutch with toothed plates that engage when plate teeth become enmeshed
Double-Sided SynchronizerMechanical double-sided synchronizer
Logic-Controlled ClutchFriction clutch with input control
SynchronizerMechanical synchronizer
Unidirectional ClutchClutch that transmits power in a single direction
Fundamental Friction ClutchFriction clutch with kinetic and static-limit friction torques as inputs



Driveline Simulation Performance

Optimize simulation performance by adjusting Simscape™ Driveline™ and Simscape solver settings and model fidelity.

Troubleshoot Clutch and Transmission Errors

Identify and eliminate issues with dynamic constraints.