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Reset optional SimBiology fit problem properties

Since R2021b



fitProblem2 = resetoptions(fitProblem1,propertyNames) resets the specified properties propertyNames of a SimBiology fitproblem object fitProblem1 back to their default values.


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Create a fitproblem object.

fp1 = fitproblem
fp1 = 
  fitproblem with properties:

                   Data: [0x0 groupedData]
              Estimated: [1x0 estimatedInfo]
            FitFunction: "sbiofit"
                  Model: [0x0 SimBiology.Model]
            ResponseMap: [1x0 string]

                  Doses: [0x0 SimBiology.Dose]
           FunctionName: "auto"
                Options: []
           ProgressPlot: 0
            UseParallel: 0
               Variants: [0x0 SimBiology.Variant]

   sbiofit options:
             ErrorModel: "constant"
                 Pooled: "auto"
    SensitivityAnalysis: "auto"
                Weights: []

The object has required and optional properties. resetoptions lets you reset the optional properties back to default values.

Change two of the optional properties to some nondefault values.

fp1.ProgressPlot = true;
fp1.FunctionName = "lsqnonlin";

Reset the properties back to their default values.

fp2 = resetoptions(fp1,["ProgressPlot","FunctionName"]);
ans = logical

ans = 

Input Arguments

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SimBiology fit problem, specified as a fitproblem object.

Names of fit problem object properties to reset to default values, specified as a character vector, string scalar, string vector, or cell array of character vectors.

Data Types: char | string | cell

Output Arguments

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New SimBiology fit problem object after resetting the specified properties to default values, returned as a fitproblem object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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