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Statistics and Data Analysis

Queue statistics, server statistics, count entities, work with Sequence Viewer block

Most SimEvents® blocks can output statistics that let you monitor aggregate measures, such as average service times, queue lengths, and server utilization. Visualize statistics to understand block behavior, and to count entities. Use the values gathered from statistics to control entity intergeneration times.

Use the Sequence Viewer block to see the interchange of messages, events, and functions during simulation. The block allows you to visualize the movement of entities between blocks.


Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation


Interpret SimEvents Models Using Statistical Analysis

Output queue statistics, server statistics, statistics for data analysis and run-time control.

Count Entities

Using statistics, you can count entities across the simulation and per time instant.

Count Simultaneous Departures from a Server

Count the simultaneous departures of entities from a server.

Noncumulative Counting of Entities

Noncumulative counting of entities arriving to the Entity Terminator block.

Adjust Entity Generation Times Through Feedback

This example shows a queuing system in which feedback influences the arrival rate.

Use the Sequence Viewer to Visualize Messages, Events, and Entities

View the interchange of messages, events, and functions through the Sequence Viewer block.

Save SimEvents Simulation Operating Point

Save the simulation state and use it as an initial state for future simulations.

Optimize SimEvents Models by Running Multiple Simulations

Use Simulink.SimulationInput object to create simulation sets to test the results and to perform model optimization.

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