Reusable libraries of blocks and subsystems


SubsystemGroup blocks to create model hierarchy
Unresolved LinkIndicate unresolved reference to library block


libinfoGet information about library blocks referenced by model
gcbGet path name of current block
gcbhGet handle of current block


LibraryBrowser.LibraryBrowser2Simulink Library Browser


Library Browser

Custom Libraries and Linked Blocks

Reuse your own library blocks in a model by creating a custom library. Blocks can link back to the library you created them from.

Capabilities of Model Components

Organize your model into independently functional parts.

Create a Custom Library

Add blocks and annotations to a custom library and define the library structure.

Add Libraries to the Library Browser

Create a library, add it to the library browser, and customize library order.

Library Links

Linked Blocks

Explore linked blocks, parameterized links, and self-modifiable linked subsystems.

Display Library Links

Identify link status using the link badge.

Disable or Break Links to Library Blocks

Disable library links.

Lock Links to Blocks in a Library

Prevent unintentional disabling of library links.

Restore Disabled or Parameterized Links

Restore library links and link inconsistency.

Control Linked Block Programmatically

Use MATLAB® commands to manage linked blocks.

Fix Unresolved Library Links

Handle unresolved library links.

Parameterized Links and Self-Modifiable Linked Subsystems

Modify a parameter value or structure of linked Subsystem block.

Forwarding Tables

Map old and new library blocks using forwarding tables.