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Actualización de modelos

Actualice modelos a la versión más reciente de Simulink®

Upgrade Advisor (asesor de actualizaciones) ayuda a actualizar los modelos a la versión más reciente y a mejorarlos para que utilicen las últimas funcionalidades y ajustes de Simulink. Consulte Upgrade Advisor.


Upgrade AdvisorFix models and upgrade them to the current release


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Check usage of function-call connections
Check for calls to slDataTypeAndScale
Update System object syntax
Identify masked blocks that specify tabs in mask dialog using MaskTabNames parameter
Identify Model Info blocks that can interact with external source control tools
Check model for SB2SL blocks
Identify configurable subsystem blocks for converting to variant subsystem blocks
Identify Variant Model blocks and convert those to Variant Subsystem containing Model block choices
Check and update masked blocks in library to use promoted parameters
Check and update mask image display commands with unnecessary imread() function calls
Check Rapid accelerator signal logging
Check get_param calls for block CompiledSampleTime
Check if SLX file compression is off
Check for machine-parented data
Check and update mask to affirm icon drawing commands dependency on mask workspace
Check model for block upgrade issues
Check if all simulation outputs are returned as a single Simulink.SimulationOutput object
Identify Environment Controller Blocks and Replace Them with Variant Source Blocks
Check model for Signal Builder blocks
Check Model History properties
Check for case mismatches in references to models and libraries
Check model for block upgrade issues requiring compile time information
Check Delay, Unit Delay and Zero-Order Hold blocks for rate transition
Check model for RF Blockset Divider blocks using Wilkinson power divider component with broken connections
Identify Variant blocks using Variant objects with empty conditions
Check usage of Discrete-Time Integrator blocks
Check model settings for migration to simplified initialization mode
Check model for legacy 3DoF or 6DoF blocks
Check model for Aerospace Blockset navigation blocks
Check configuration parameters for generation of inefficient saturation code (Embedded Coder)
Check if the model settings to create an export-function model are satisfied
Check model for parameter initialization and tuning issues
Check output dimensions of MATLAB Function blocks
Check usage of Merge blocks
Check for root outports with constant sample time
Check usage of Outport blocks
Check that the model or library is saved in current version
Analyze model hierarchy and continue upgrade sequence