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Conceptos básicos de los bloques MATLAB Function

Integre funciones de MATLAB® en modelos de Simulink®

Utilice bloques MATLAB Function para implementar funciones de MATLAB en modelos de Simulink.


MATLAB Function Block EditorCreate, edit, and debug MATLAB code in MATLAB Function blocks


MATLAB FunctionInclude MATLAB code in models that generate embeddable C code


MATLABFunctionConfigurationMATLAB Function block property configuration (desde R2019b)
Stateflow.EMChartStateflow interface to MATLAB Function block


Solución de problemas

Debug MATLAB Function Blocks

Debug MATLAB Function block code during simulation.

Prevent Algebraic Loop Errors in MATLAB Function, Chart, and Truth Table Blocks

Adhere to restrictions for using MATLAB Function blocks, Chart, and Truth Table blocks in feedback loops.

Initialize Persistent Variables in MATLAB Functions

Specialized semantics impact the way that a function initializes persistent data.