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Review Analysis Results

View Active Results

After analysis is complete, the Simulink® Design Verifier™ Results Summary window opens, showing different ways you can use the results. See Explore Results.

If you close the Results Summary window so you can fix the cause of any analysis errors in your model, you might need to review the analysis results again. If you have not closed your model since you ran the analysis, you can reopen the latest analysis results for your model.

On the Design Verifier tab, click Results Summary to view the Results Summary window. The Results Summary window reopens with the latest analysis results for your model.

Load Previous Results

If you want to review results of a previous analysis on a model, you can load these results from the analysis data file. On the Design Verifier tab, click Load Earlier Results and browse to the data file that corresponds to the analysis you want to review. Click Results Summary.

For more information on analysis data files, see Manage Simulink Design Verifier Data Files.

If you load analysis results for a model from a data file that was generated with a previous version of that model, you might see unexpected effects. To avoid inconsistencies between your model and analysis results data, when you load results for a model, choose a data file that contains results from the same version of that model.

Explore Results

With active or previous analysis results loaded in the Results Summary window, you can perform the following tasks.

TaskFor more information

Highlight the analysis results on the model.

Highlight Results on the Model

Generate a detailed analysis report.

Review Results

Create the harness model, or if the harness model already exists, open it.

You will not be able to create the harness model if:

  • No design error objectives were falsified

  • No test cases were generated

  • No counterexamples were created

Manage Simulink Design Verifier Harness Models

View the data file.

Manage Simulink Design Verifier Data Files

View the log file.

View Log Files

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