IBM Rational DOORS attributes in requirements report


RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs (action,attribute)


RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs (action,attribute) specifies which DOORS® object attributes to include in the generated requirements report.

Input Arguments


Character vector that specifies the desired action for what content to include from a DOORS record in the generated requirements report. Valid values for this argument are as follows.



Restore the default settings for the DOORS system attributes to include in the report.

The default configuration includes the Object Heading and Object Text attributes, and all other attributes, except:

  • Created Thru

  • System attributes with empty string values

  • System attributes that are false


Display the current settings for the DOORS attributes to include in the report.


Include or omit groups of DOORS attributes from the report.

If you specify 'type' for the first argument, valid values for the second argument are:

  • 'all' — Include all DOORS attributes in the report.

  • 'user' — Include only user-defined DOORS in the report.

  • 'none' — Omit all DOORS attributes from the report.


Omit specified DOORS attributes from the report.


Include specified DOORS attributes in the report, even if that attribute is currently excluded as part of a group.


Enable or disable the empty attribute filter:

  • Enter RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('nonempty', 'off') to omit all empty attributes from the report.

  • Enter RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('nonempty', 'on') to include empty user-defined attributes. The report never includes empty system attributes.


Character vector that qualifies the action argument.

Output Arguments


  • True if RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs modifies the current settings.

  • For RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('show'), this argument is a cell array of character vectors that indicate which DOORS attributes to include in the requirements report, for example:

    >> RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('show')
    ans = 
        'Object Heading'
        'Object Text'
        '-Created Thru'
    • The Object Heading and Object Text attributes are included by default.

    • '$AllAttributes$' specifies to include all attributes associated with each DOORS object.

    • '$Nonempty$' specifies to exclude all empty attributes.

    • '-Created Thru' specifies to exclude the Created Thru attribute for each DOORS object.


Limit the DOORS attributes in the requirements report to user-defined attributes:

RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('type', 'user');

Omit the content of the Last Modified By attribute from the requirements report:

RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('remove', 'Last Modified By');

Include the content of the Last Modified On attribute in the requirements report, even if system attributes are not included as a group:

RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('add', 'Last Modified On');

Include empty system attributes in the requirements report:

RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('nonempty', 'off');

Omit the Object Heading attribute from the requirements report. Use this option when the link label is always the same as the Object Heading for the target DOORS object and you do not want duplicate information in the requirements report:

RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs('remove', 'Object Heading');

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Introduced in R2011b