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Customize default property values for test harness creation



sltest.harness.setHarnessCreateDefaults(name = value) sets and registers the specified harness creation default values for the specified name-value arguments.

For a list of valid name-value arguments, see sltest.harness.create.

As an alternative to using sltest.harness.setHarnessCreateDefaults, you can use an sl_customization.m file to customize harness creation default values. See Customize Test Harness Creation Default Property Values.

If you created an sl_customization.m file, you can then use sltest.harness.setHarnessCreateDefaults to set additional default values or overwrite the values defined in that file. If you create an sl_customization.m file and register it after using sltest.harness.setHarnessCreateDefaults, the default values that you previously specified are overwritten with the default values in the file.


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sltest.harness.setHarnessCreateDefaults(SaveExternally = true)

Version History

Introduced in R2021b