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Hardware-Software Co-Design

Prototype vision algorithms on Zynq® SoC devices

After you design and validate a pixel-streaming video processing algorithm in Simulink®, you can target the design to the FPGA on the Zynq board, and generate embedded ARM® code that interacts with the FPGA. You can route the video data to the ARM processor, and control AXI-Lite registers connected to the FPGA control logic.


Video Capture MIPIImport live video frames from MIPI CSI-2 card on Zynq-based hardware (Since R2022b)
Video Capture HDMIImport live video frames from HDMI FMC card on Zynq-based hardware (Since R2023a)
Draw RectangleDraw rectangles onto video frame stored in external memory (Since R2023a)
Set ROIDraw over specified region of video frame stored in external memory (Since R2023a)


visionzynqConnect to Zynq hardware


changeFPGAImageLoad image from on-board SD card into FPGA
downloadImageWrite image to on-board SD card and load into FPGA


FPGA and ARM Targeting