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Analyze Architecture Models

Write analyses based on element properties and verify system requirements

Set properties to capture specifications for model elements. Use MATLAB® analytics with System Composer™ programmatic interfaces to write scripts to generate data that can be used for trade studies or to verify requirements.

You can perform a static analysis on an architecture model to calculate overall reliability, mass roll-up, performance, expected hardware life, and thermal characteristics using analysis functions for parametric property values captured in the model.


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systemcomposer.analysis.InstanceElement in analysis instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.ArchitectureInstanceArchitecture in analysis instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.ComponentInstanceComponent in analysis instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.PortInstancePort in analysis instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.ConnectorInstanceConnector in analysis instance (Since R2019a)


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instantiateCreate analysis instance from specification (Since R2019a)
iterateIterate over model elements (Since R2019a)
lookupSearch for architectural element (Since R2019a)
saveSave architecture instance (Since R2019a)
updateUpdate architecture model (Since R2019a)
refreshRefresh architecture instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.loadInstanceLoad architecture instance (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.analysis.deleteInstanceDelete architecture instance (Since R2019a)
getValueGet value of property from element instance (Since R2019a)
setValueSet value of property for element instance (Since R2019a)
hasValueFind if element instance has property value (Since R2019a)
isArchitectureFind if instance is architecture instance (Since R2019a)
isComponentFind if instance is component instance (Since R2019a)
isConnectorFind if instance is connector instance (Since R2019a)
isPortFind if instance is port instance (Since R2019a)


Instantiate Architecture ModelCreate an instance of the architecture model that you can use for analysis (Since R2019a)
Analysis ViewerView and edit analysis instance model and analyze using analysis function (Since R2019a)


  • Analyze Architecture

    Perform static analysis on a System Composer architecture to evaluate characteristics of the system.

  • Analysis Function Constructs

    Perform roll-up, class-based, allocation-based, remaining useful life, and variant analysis.

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