Look up an architecture element



e = lookup(obj,nameValPair) finds an architecture element based in its UUID or full path.


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>> lookup(arch,'Path','RobotSystem/Sensors')

ans = 

  Component with properties:

                   Name: 'Sensors'
                 Parent: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Architecture]
                  Ports: [1×2 systemcomposer.arch.ComponentPort]
             OwnedPorts: []
           Architecture: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Architecture]
      OwnedArchitecture: []
               Position: [275 75 391 161]
                  Model: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Model]
                   UUID: 'f43c9d51-9dc6-43fc-b3af-95d458b81248'
         SimulinkHandle: 9.0002
    SimulinkModelHandle: 2.0002
            ExternalUID: ''

Input Arguments

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Model object to look up using the UUID.

  • ‘UUID’,uuidVal — Uses lookup to find any model element by UUID.

  • ‘SimulinkHandle’,slhdl — Uses lookup to find any model element by Simulink handle.

  • 'Path',pathVal — Uses lookup to find components by path.

Output Arguments

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Architecture element objects to look up using different keys.

Introduced in R2019a