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Parameter Editor

Add, edit, and promote parameters for architectures and components

Since R2022b


The Parameter Editor allows you to add intrinsic or operational parameters for architectural design.

Use the Parameter Editor to:

  • Add and edit parameters for components in an architecture. Edit the default properties of the parameter: Name, Value, Unit, Type, Dimensions, Min, and Max.

  • Add and edit parameters to the root architecture of a model or to the architecture of a group of components.

  • Promote parameters from components contained in the model to a top-level architecture.

Parameter Editor Tool

Open the Parameter Editor

  • System Composer™: From the Property Inspector, use the Parameters list to open the Parameter Editor using the Open Editor option.


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Add parameters to the current architecture. The architecture can be the root architecture of the model or the architecture of the currently selected component.

Open the parameter promotion user interface. If there are components with parameters in the currently selected architecture, you can promote these parameters by selecting each check box and clicking Promote.

Highlight the source of the parameter in the model canvas and bring it into the front view. To leave this spotlight view, click the close button at the top right of the model canvas.

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Version History

Introduced in R2022b