View components in an architecture view


A view architecture describes a set of view components that make up a view. This class inherits from the systemcomposer.view.ViewElement class and implements the systemcomposer.base.BaseArchitecture interface.


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Architecture name derived from the parent component or model name to which the architecture belongs.

Example: name = get(objViewArchitecture, 'Name')

Control inclusion of referenced models.

Example: tf = get(objViewArchitecture, 'IncludeReferenceModels')

Color of the view architecture, specified as a character vector or string (for example, ‘blue’, ‘black’, ‘green’) or RGB value encoded in a hexadecimal string (for example, ‘#FF00FF’, ‘#DDDDDD’). An invalid color string results in an error.

Example: color = get(objViewArchitecture, 'Color')

Description of the view architecture.

Example: description = get(objViewArchitecture, 'Description'); set(objViewArchitecture, 'Description', description)

Handle to the component that owns this view architecture. The returned object is of type systemcomposer.view.BaseViewComponent. For a root view architecture, returns an empty handle.

Example: parentComponent = get(objViewArchitecture, 'Parent')

Array of handles to the set of child components of this view Architecture.

Example: childComponents = get(objViewArchitecture, 'Components')

Object Functions

addComponentAdd component to view given path
removeComponentRemove a component from a view


Introduced in R2019b