Creating Architecture Views Interactively

Typically, the structural hierarchy of a system differs from the hierarchy of the functional requirements. With architecture views, you can sketch the system based on different hierarchies. For example, you can author a system using the requirements. This allows you to better understand what components you need to satisfy your requirements while not necessarily focusing on the structure.

You can create an architecture view interactively. This example uses the architecture model for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), scExampleSmallUAV, to create a view. Thee view created shows the components having an interface for the light commands.

  1. In the MATALB Command Window, enter scExampleSmallUAV.

    The architecture model opens in the Simulink Editor.

  2. On the Architecture Views tab and in the Views section, select Architecture Views. The Architecture Views Editor opens.

  3. Click the New View button to open the Create View dialog box.

  4. In the Name box, enter a name for this view. For example, light_command_view.

  5. From the Select drop-down list, select Components with a port which have an interface. From the For Which drop-down list, select Name, and in the text box enter the name of an interface in the architecture model. For example, enterlightCmd.

  6. Click the Create button. The dialog box closes and an architecture view is created using the query from the Filter box.