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Read first row of data in datastore

Since R2020a



preview(ds) returns the first row of data in the input datastore.


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Load training data that contains bounding boxes with labels for a vehicles class.

data = load('vehicleTrainingData.mat');
trainingData = data.vehicleTrainingData;

Add the fullpath to the local vehicle data folder.

dataDir = fullfile(toolboxdir('vision'),'visiondata');
trainingData.imageFilename = fullfile(dataDir,trainingData.imageFilename);
blds = boxLabelDatastore(trainingData(:,2:end));

Preview the data from the box label datastore.

ans=1×2 cell array
    {[126 78 20 16]}    {[vehicle]}

Input Arguments

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Datastore with labeled data for training a semantic segmentation network or an object detection network, specified as a boxLabelDatastore or a pixelLabelDatastore object.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a