groundTruthLabeler for Dicom format

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Hi all Anyone know how to use dicom format in groundTruthLabeler? Because I want label my image dicom. But I have to save it into png format first. But I want direct use my dicom image. Then how to save the image label in dicom format. Because all the image label save in png format.
mohd akmal masud
mohd akmal masud on 22 Aug 2021
Sorry sir, I dont understand what you mean? Can show details?

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Witek Jachimczyk
Witek Jachimczyk on 23 Aug 2021
Dear Mohd,
If you have access to the 21b prerelease, you'll find out that support for DICOM was added to the imageLabeler app (not groundTruthLabeler). It is supported for single frame DICOM images.
21b is coming out soon, so you should have access to this newer version of imageLabeler shortly.

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