How to create array from saved iterations of a loop

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I am wondering how I would create an array of numbers from a loop in matlab. After every iteration a number is saved and I want to be able to put all these outputs in one array. My outputs look like
x = 2
x = 3
x = 4
and so on.....
I want it so at the end of the loop the answer says
x = [2,3,4]
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Joseph McGorry
Joseph McGorry on 23 Aug 2021
For anyone wondering, initialise
x = [];
and then to call it outside the loop
x = [x,y]

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Awais Saeed
Awais Saeed on 23 Aug 2021
Just store them column by column
for jj = 1:1:5
x(jj) = jj
Awais Saeed
Awais Saeed on 23 Aug 2021
I do not know how your code is working but if you are getting values saved (as you said in question) then you should be able to save them as arrays

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