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How to plot a piecewise function on Matlab?

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Amna Habib
Amna Habib on 12 Sep 2021
Commented: Amna Habib on 12 Sep 2021
I need to plot the two piecewisely defined functions on the same graph. Please help me to write code. Thanks in advance.
f(x)= 1-sqrt{5-x} for x =<5,
1 for 5=< x =<7,
1-sqrt{(x-7)/3} for x =>7.
g(x)= sqrt{(5-x)/2} for x =<5,
0 for 5=< x =<7,
sqrt{(x-7)/5} for x =>7.

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 12 Sep 2021
Edited: Chunru on 12 Sep 2021
You can try the another function.
syms f(x)
f(x) = piecewise(x<=5, 1-sqrt(5-x), 5<x<7, 1, x>=7, 1-sqrt((x-7)/3) )
f(x) = 
fplot(f, [0 10])

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