Convolution of two matrices with time index

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This is just a part of my code and I'm almost done, and this is the only part I'm having a hard time. Let's say I have two vectors (in array or matrix form) and I am not allowed to use conv() and fliplr() built-in functions. I have two inputs(A and B) and each input can be two row matrices, first row is the input sequence and second row is the time index n. How will I do this? The output matrix needs to be a two row matrix also(C as output sequence and N as output time index). The CONVOLUTION's main operations needed are FOLDING, SHIFTING, MULTIPLICATION and ADDITION. Then I need to check with this trial(see attached photo).
I have my a user-defined function like this and I don't know what code I will put:
function [C, N] = CONVOLVE(A, B)
% Line below will just flip the given row matrix
B = B(end:-1:1);
To anyone who can/will help me, thank you so much in advance!

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