problem in unresolvedSymbols.txt: how to solve the undeployable problems?

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Xu Chen
Xu Chen on 9 Oct 2021
Commented: Xu Chen on 10 Oct 2021
“Path Symbol Reason
TopLattComp\C3D10.m syms undeployable
TopLattComp\D_DT.m digits undeployable
TopLattComp\D_DT.m syms undeployable
TopLattComp\D_DT.m str2sym undeployable
TopLattComp\D_DT.m vpa undeployable”
The above problems occured in unresolvedSymbols.txt when I carry out a matlab .exe for separate using, How could I solve them?

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 9 Oct 2021
Creation of symbolic variables using sym or syms is not supported with MATLAB Compiler. You may be able to perform your symbolic calculations in MATLAB then use matlabFunction or something similar to turn those symbolic results into a function and include the function in your deployed application.

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