Call M File In SIMULINK Model

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hardik on 18 Sep 2014
Commented: nima nabavi on 2 Sep 2020
I want to call M File In SIMULINK Model. I take one x constant , One Matlab Fnc , Matlab Fnc Output to display .
I want to x value as input in M file function and their output display in y varibale.
How can i do it ?
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charmingtilak on 19 Sep 2017
i have to import large data in .mat file to To file function block.. kindly assist me |

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Accepted Answer

Rajiv Ghosh-Roy
Rajiv Ghosh-Roy on 18 Sep 2014
You can use the Interpreted MATLAB function block for this; it can be found under the User defined functions category in the Simulink library browser.
huan zhang
huan zhang on 14 Jun 2019
did you solve the question and call a m file successfully in simulink?

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Shravankumar P
Shravankumar P on 18 Sep 2014
Open your simulink library
1) Select simulink in the tree view. 2) Simulink/user-defined functions/MATLAB Function 3) open a new model and place MATLAB function block in it,then double click on it 4) now write your function
function y = fcn(x)
y = x^2;
Abdullah Alshammary
Abdullah Alshammary on 18 Apr 2016
then take this line out: %#codegen It is meant for mex to generate c code for it. Apparently you don't have mex but that's fine.

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atef on 5 Sep 2016
Use the Interpreted MAT-LAB function block .... MATLAB function: TestFun(u) and it will call m file: TestFun.m
function kp = TestFun(i) kp = i*10; disp(kp); end

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