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Get only block name from get() function

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Ewela el 27 de Oct. de 2021
Respondida: Ayush Modi el 7 de Mzo. de 2024
How can I get only the name of the block without the port number?
I have this line:
blockname_and_portnum = get(line_connection_handler,'SourcePort');
and it gives me:
but I need only Step. I want to get this without any extractBefore functions for code optimization. It is possible to get only block name from the function get()?

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Ayush Modi
Ayush Modi el 7 de Mzo. de 2024
Hi Ewela,
There is no direct way to get the block name from a line handler without using any string manipulation functions in MATLAB. The block name and port number are typically returned as a single string, so some form of string manipulation is necessary to extract just the block name.


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