Maximum number of signals one can log in Real Time

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I am logging a large number of signals using Simulink Real Time, over 400. I am not seeing all the signals I am trying to log. Is there a limit on the number of signals I can log? I know that's a lot, but it makes things easier for my users downstream.
John Fiaschetti
John Fiaschetti on 5 Nov 2021
I do not know which memory holds the data as its being collected. I am using a Speedgoat system real time.

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Sarthak Soni
Sarthak Soni on 8 Nov 2021
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You might be able to get some information from Speedgoat. For contact information, please refer to the following URL:
Regardless, knowing the limit is not going to do much in this situation, if you are already encountering buffer overflows. The only solution is to log less data, which can be done in one of two ways:
  • Log less signals
  • Log data at a slower rate
SDI logs signals at the rate they execute in the Simulink model. Therefore, if a large amount of data is being logged, it would help to ensure the signals being selected are executing at the slowest rate possible.
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John Fiaschetti
John Fiaschetti on 8 Nov 2021
Thanks for the advice.
I ended up making a script for each test that sets logging for only the necessary signals. I now log only what is needed for each test run.

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