imread not working for certain http server urls (for openstreetmap GIS)?

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Using imread/webread is not working for certain http(s) servers. 'webread' says it cannot establish a secure connection - asking me to check my certificate file (but I have never touched these certs). 'imread' fails at 'getFileFromURL', however it was working fine until recently - so I suspect something changed in the host? The url is if that matters. Using R2018b
My current workaround is to use (which works) but it's clunky:
urlwrite(url, 'temp.png')
[img, cmap, alpha] = imread('temp.png');
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Nov 2021
It works for me starting with R2019b.
I thought I had detected that the certificate had moved in later releases, but I just checked and see that the .pem I located is a self-signed certificate to allow MATLAB to talk to other Mathworks processes, it appears.
So possibly these days it is relying on system certificates. If so, then possibly if you renamed rootcerts.pem to something else so that it is not found, then maybe your operating system certificates would kick in.

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