how to add static link library to S function

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I am creating block scheme i want to use hil sdk functions to controll qube servo 2 from for linux (ubuntu 20.4.)
These functions should be only c functions.
I created S function but i can't link .a static link library and .h how can it be done ?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 20 Dec 2021
When compiling and linking your s-function using the mex command, you can provide optional argument -L to link to a library.
You can also use the legacy_code tool or the C Caller Block to define your s-function and specify the names and locations of libraries that are to be linked with your s-function.
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Stefan Jakubjak
Stefan Jakubjak on 2 Jan 2022
Edited: Stefan Jakubjak on 2 Jan 2022
Thank you for your answer but , i don't really understand how it should it work I have c file with code which i want to get to matlab. I have this in makefile:
CFLAGS += -I/opt/quanser/hil_sdk/include
LDFLAGS += -L/opt/quanser/hil_sdk/lib
LIBS += -lhil -lquanser_runtime -lquanser_common -lrt -lpthread -ldl -lm -lc
myhilapp: myhilapp.o
cc $(LDFLAGS) $< -o $@ $(LIBS)
myhilapp.o: myhilapp.c
When i write make in terminal it generates file from .c file and i can run it using ./
How can i convert this makefile to matlab and make it work altogether ?

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