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Connection between simpowersystem and simelectronics for an optocoupler

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Danilo NASCIMENTO on 28 Nov 2014
Commented: mucahit ozen on 19 Sep 2017
Hey guys I'd like to do something similar to what is shown in the picture below. My difficult is in the control part. All the circuit is simulated using a simpowersystem library. But in the control part there is a optocoupler that can only be found in the simelectronics library. So how I am suppose to do this connection between these two libraries? In the figure the Vo voltage would be controlled. So I would compare this voltage with a reference and pass it through a PI controller and the output of this controller would be a current signal. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! This current signal is the input of the optocoupler. I've tried a S-PS to convert a simulink signal to physical signal input but, I don't know if I do it right, it did not work.

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