Unrecognized function or variable in app designer

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Luqman Hadiwinata
Luqman Hadiwinata on 24 May 2022
Commented: Luqman Hadiwinata on 24 May 2022
Hello, so in this case, i'm trying to make an app that receive an audio file as input and then said file will be processed by DTFT to find its noise. However, when i try to read the audio using audioread, the log says that my variable (fullpathnames) is unrecognized. Any idea how or why this happens? Here's a snippet from my code in app editor:
% Callbacks that handle component events
methods (Access = private)
% Button pushed function: MasukkanFileSuaraButton
function MasukkanFileSuaraButtonPushed(app, event)
[file, folder] = uigetfile({"*.*"; "*.wav";"*.mp3";"*.ogg"}, 'File Selector');
fullpathnames = fullfile(folder, cellstr(file));
% Button pushed function: SuaraAsliButton
function SuaraAsliButtonPushed(app, event)
[x, Fs] = audioread(fullpathname);
sound(x, Fs)

Answers (1)

Hiro on 24 May 2022
methods(Access == public)
I suspect the access attribute was set wrongly.
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Luqman Hadiwinata
Luqman Hadiwinata on 24 May 2022
how do i change it? the code section is grayed out and i can't edit it

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