Convert txt files in csv/xlsx files

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I have a couple hundreds of txt files, where a number is written in each row. I want to convert all these hundreds of txt files into csv/xlsx files having the same name as the txt file. For ex: I have txt files as 1.txt, 2.txt, on. I want to convert these text files into csv/xlsx files as 1.csv, 2.csv, on.
Can someone help me with a code snippet or a link to a post showing to automate this function in MATLAB? Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2022
dinfo = dir('*.txt');
filenames = {};
nfiles = length(filenames);
for K = 1 : nfiles
thisfile = filenames{K};
[~, basename, ~] = fileparts(thisfile);
newname = basename + ".xlsx";
data = readmatrix(thisfile);
writematrix(data, newname);
This code assumes that you do not have any header in the file -- if you have a variable name for each column then switch to readtable() and writetable()
This code assumes that all of the columns are the same type -- if not, then switch to readtable() and writetable(), possibly with 'writevariablenames', false if there should not be a header line.
This code assumes that the .txt file format is something that readmatrix() can guess at.

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