APP file was not included in the standalone executable

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Hi support:
I have generated .net share library for loading .mldatx to the target machine, but when excute the load(apppath),the .net tell me "Cannot load 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz' on target 'TargetPC1': Cannot install 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz' on target 'TargetPC1': Real-time application 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz.mldatx' was not included in the standalone executable."
Error in => loadApi.m at line 7."
and then I put the 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz.mldatx' into the ctf folder(standalone executable), and .net program is ok, so there is a problem:
the apppath of ‘ load(apppath)’ is absolute path ,why the mcr still can't find the 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz.mldatx',
it seems that the external file that will be transmit in to the ctf file must be put into the in to the ctf folder(standalone executable) ,but the apppath is often changed,and can't be put into the ctf folder.
so do you have any better idea to solve the problem?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Aug 2022
What product or products are you using to try to create this standalone application? Are you using MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Coder, Embedded Coder, Simulink Coder, and/or some other products listed in the Code Generation and/or Application Deployment sections on this webpage?

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