how to display newline

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Tor Fredrik Hove
Tor Fredrik Hove on 16 Oct 2011
Answered: Steven Lord on 6 Sep 2022
Can you use newline seperately or do you always have to use it in fprintf in order to make it work. Theese are my attempts with newline:
this did not work:
This gave a strange result
Is this the only way to make a newline?:
Here is my script for the last line:
for i=1:rows
for j=1:columns
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Oct 2011
I think you got the answer you need from Wayne, but for future reference, you posted three copies of the same image in this question.

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Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 16 Oct 2011
Hi, '\n' by itself outside of special calls is just interpreted as the string (character array) \n
It's not just in fprintf(), sprintf() also interprets escape characters correctly like \n or \t
but yes you're right:
disp('Hi \n nice to meet you')
% produces Hi \n nice to meet you
fprintf('Hi \n nice to meet you')
% Hi
% nice to meet you>>
Sina Davari
Sina Davari on 11 Dec 2020
You could simply put { disp(' '); } between two disp for obtaining an empty line.
disp('Hi'); disp(' '); disp('nice to meet you')

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Kleber Zuza Nobrega
Kleber Zuza Nobrega on 19 Sep 2020
supose you want to disp the word 'Ball'. Try
a=['Ball',char(13),'to a new line']
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez on 25 Aug 2021
char(10) worked for me, but great advice.

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Saul Stokar
Saul Stokar on 6 Sep 2022
Youj can do it using sprintf :
string2Print=sprintf('%s\n','Hi','nice to meet you');
This prints:
nice to meet you

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 6 Sep 2022
If you're using release R2016b or later you can use the newline function, perhaps in conjunction with a string array.
s = "apple" + newline + "banana"
s =
"apple banana"
c = ['apple', newline, 'banana']
c =
'apple banana'


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