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MATLAB doesn't exit, all windows close, but MATLAB.exe persists in Task Manager

Asked by Erik
on 9 Apr 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Al in St. Louis on 20 Sep 2019
Well, the title says it all. Is this a common problem? What could cause and fix this?
I'm on Win8x64 and I use R2014b. When I quit MATLAB, either by pressing the cross or typing
in the command window, all open MATLAB windows close after a few seconds, but the process remains in the Task Manager. It takes a lot of memory too: the usual amount MATLAB uses (usually over 500MB). When I launch MATLAB again, I get a second MATLAB.exe and the first one remains unchanged. I can kill the process by force closing it in the Task Manager, but I'm not comfortable with doing that often and the extra clicks are just annoying.


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1 Answer

Answer by Debarati Banerjee on 13 Apr 2015
Edited by Debarati Banerjee on 13 Apr 2015

It is a known issue with MATLAB R2014b. As a workaround MATLAB can me made to terminate itself via a call to the operating system. You can place the following lines of code in a script named "finish.m" and place the script on the MATLAB path. The codes should be as follows:
id = feature('getpid');
if ispc
cmd = sprintf('Taskkill /PID %d /F',id);
elseif (ismac || isunix)
cmd = sprintf('kill -9 %d',id);
disp('unknown operating system');

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