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Win11 taskbar too big

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Michael Schlick
Michael Schlick el 9 de Mayo de 2024
Comentada: Josh el 12 de Mayo de 2024
Got upgraded to win11—an OS with which I'm sure the kids are thrilled—but among other things, the taskbar is way too big and covers the bottom of my figures. Obviously recoding decades of work is not my first option. Does anyone have a work around?

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Josh el 9 de Mayo de 2024
Editada: Josh el 9 de Mayo de 2024
1) Hide the taskbar (Settings>Personalization>Taskbar):
2) Change display scale...maybe (Settings>System>Display):

Sam Chak
Sam Chak el 9 de Mayo de 2024
This video shows you how to adjust the Windows 11 Taskbar size using the Registry, without "hiding it".
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Josh el 9 de Mayo de 2024
rollback to windows 10? lol
Josh el 9 de Mayo de 2024
comment on this thread has the status quo being the same since feb 24
...might be a too bad so sad from microsoft

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