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How can I get the energy of a wave?

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Li-Wun el 18 de Mayo de 2024
Comentada: Li-Wun el 20 de Mayo de 2024 a las 17:10
I used signal analyzer to analyze a wave of the sound.
Now I would like to calculate the energy of the sound.
My idea is to firstly squared the amplitude and then integrated the whole wave.
I have squared the amplitude and got the diagram of squared amplitude v.s. time.
However, I don't know how to integrate this wave without having a wavefunction.
How could I do? Thank you.
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Paul el 19 de Mayo de 2024
Yes, that's the standard definition of the energy in the discrete-time signal as long as the elements of data are real and it's assumed that the signal is zero for indices outside those covered by data.
Li-Wun el 20 de Mayo de 2024 a las 17:10
Thank you so much.

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Paul el 18 de Mayo de 2024
Hi Li-Wun,
This answer may be what's needed. If not, feel free to post back here with follow-up questions, preferably with example code.





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