How can I read an image file that is stored in PDF format (much like reading a jpeg file with I = imread('image.jpg')?

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At the moment, I have to first convert (outside MATLAB) the image from PDF to JPEG format so that I can use imread in MATLAB. Is there a direct way to read in a (single page) PDF file as an image? Many thanks.

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Stephen23 on 21 May 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 May 2015
The short answer is: no.
The PDF "standard" is not an image file format, although in some ways the entire PDF is a bit like an image, in that it contains information about the locations and presentation of elements on a page. This means that it is extremely versatile, but also very unwieldy and not very friendly for the simple extraction of text or images. If the image that you want is an embedded bitmap image (e.g. JPG, etc), then there may be some tool for extracting this. If it is something like an EPS, then it may be easier to convert this to EPS and import this format into MATLAB.
These might be interesting for you to read:

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz on 5 Jan 2021
There is a way to import a PDF as image in MATLAB by making use of the Apache PDFBox library that we ship.
Please see the following post for the code:

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