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"Visual ModelQ" and Simulink

Asked by John Boye on 6 Jul 2015
Latest activity Commented on by John Boye on 9 Jul 2015
I am hoping to use "Control System Design Guide" by George Ellis in an elective control systems course at the Univ. of Nebr. However he uses a special software "Visual ModelQ" for his examples. While this software is free to download, it does not run on a Mac. Has anyone converted any of the examples in this book (or another book by the same author) from "Visual ModelQ" to Simulink? Or is anyone familiar with "Visual ModelQ" and how it relates to Simulink? Thanks.


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Answer by Darsana Thulasi on 8 Jul 2015
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There are no examples of Visual ModelQ models being converted to Simulink. However, it should be fairly simple to reconstruct the models with Control System Toolbox since they have similar blocks such as integral, generators ( sources), scopes etc.

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John Boye on 9 Jul 2015
Thanks. That's what I kind of thought.

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