How can I match a small part of an image to its whole image?

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Let's say I have an image of a flower, I cut out 3 seemingly identical smaller images of petals from that flower. Now without simply looking at the image and putting those petals back in their EXACT locations, how can I know where each petal belongs EXACTLY in that image of the flower? I thought about doing histogram analysis of each individual petal's image then matching it back to original image, but I am not sure if the histogram of an image can show differences between very similar images. Is this a good method? Is there a better method? Thanks Mates!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jul 2015
No, that histogram algorithm won't work at all, as you'll realize if you just give it a little thought. What you want to use is normalized cross correlation, which is done by the function normxcorr2() in the Image Processing Toolbox. I'm attaching my demo of it, below this image that it creates.

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