Error using generic engine block.

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GD on 24 Jul 2015
Answered: Sebastian Castro on 24 Jul 2015
I use generic engine block from simscape, but sometimes I get an error saying engine speed exceeded maximum limit. The only input to the engine is throttle, and I am giving throttle with said limits. But i still get this error. can someone guide me with this?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 24 Jul 2015
The Generic Engine block has a "Maximum speed" parameter, if using the default polynomal parameterization. For the other 2 tabular parameterizations, it assumes that maximum speed is the final value in the speed vector lookup table. In any case, you will see an error message if this value is exceeded during simulation.
This is discussed in the block documentation, under "Restrictions on Engine Speed and Power".
You can either increase the block's maximum speed (if it makes sense) or add some kind of control to your engine to reduce throttle such that the maximum speed is not exceeded.
- Sebastian


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