Speeding up Simulink simlation time.

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GD on 1 Oct 2015
Answered: Sebastian Castro on 5 Oct 2015
I have a very complex ODE model of a car. The simulation time required is really very high. How could i speed up the simulation? Is there some way where i could convert my entire model to some fast execution block. I am concerned because i want to further develop various safety algorithms on this model, and I fear that it will become much more slow.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 5 Oct 2015
This article covers a lot of good tips for simulation performance in Simulink.
An additional thing which is not listed in the article above (as it is new in the last few releases) is Fast Restart. This can help you speed things up if you're running multiple simulations with the only change being parameter values changing.
Hope this serves as a good start.
- Sebastian


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