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Fetching data from DS18B20 Temperature sensor connected to arduino in matlab

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Mridul Tiwari
Mridul Tiwari on 19 Oct 2015
Commented: Tesfaye Tereche on 19 Feb 2020
How do fetch the temperature values from DB18B20, connected to arduino, in matlab. I can't use the general analog read command as this sensor has its own library ( called " OneWire" ) which is not available in MATLAB. SO is there any way to read the temperature directly in MATLAB or use arduino library to do it ?


Art on 26 Jan 2016
Look at ARDUINO DS LIBRARY in File Central. I haven't tried it yet, but it claims to read this one-wire sensor.

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Art on 10 Feb 2016
If you are up to date on Matlab and the Arduino package, you should be able to use any 3rd party library. Excerpt from Mathworks:
5. Adding support for custom libraries is possible, with the latest support package version (MATLAB R2015b with MATLAB Arduino support package version 15.2.3). Please follow these links:

planet86_Chris on 15 Feb 2016
Hello all,
Actually, I am beginner on Arduino hardware and I would like to use this temperature sensor (DS18B20 one-wire technology) in my project.
For that, the package "OneWire" must be installed by using the manager library in Arduino program. After working on Arduino with this package, things worked well.
Now and before starting any programming on Matlab, the library "OneWire" (use previously in Arduino program) must be installed into Matlab so that the sensor can be used to run any operation from Matlab.
However, I did not find any clear explanation of: How to install an Arduino Library ("OneWire" for DS18B20 library for example, but also other library) into Matlab 2015b step by step ?
Thank you very much for any answers with clear and coherent methodology to follow for installing an Arduino Library "OneWire" with I2C protocol and also others packages in general (please do not post the useless Matlab documentation link again and again).


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Feb 2016
Download the .zip . Unzip it into any convenient directory that is not part of the MATLAB installation directories. Use MATLAB's pathtool to add the directory to the MATLAB path, and tell pathtool to save the result. After that, you can refer to the function or model as if it were provided by Mathworks.

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Ricardo Quiroz
Ricardo Quiroz on 21 Oct 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 21 Oct 2016
Hello everyone, I found something related that may help you reading the sensor DS18B20 with matlab and Arduino. Here's the link:
I hope it helps.

jose manuel
jose manuel on 26 Mar 2017
Error in S-function 'DS18B20_BLOCK/DS18B20/DS18B20': S-Function 'DS18B20_03' does not exist


Han Son Go
Han Son Go on 6 Apr 2017
I had the same error. After building the s-function, it disappeared. But i still read the temperature from the sensor.

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