How do I save data into a txt file from a xls file?

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question repost:- I have an excel data file (only floating point numbers no strings) with 19 columns and 11k rows or so. I want to sort this data based on a particular column, i.e, if the number in 4th column (of say 5th row) is "1" then, all the rows which have 4th column as 1 need to be separated out and written into a new .txt file . Similarly if number is "2" in 4th column then all rows which have 2 need to be sorted and written in a new txt file. How do i do that? P.S this new file being created must have all 19 columns in it. Thanks in advance

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Ingrid on 30 Nov 2015
Do you mean something like this? Since you did not attach a file, I could not do a test run so this code probably still contains errors but it should give you a general idea on how to proceed
formatString = repmat('%f',1,19);
fid = fopen('excelFile.xlsx','r');
rawData = cell2mat(textscan(fid,formatString));
% extract 4th column = 1;
dataWrite1 = rawData(abs(rawData(:,4)-1)<eps,:);
% write data to textfile
fid = fopen('textFileCreated.txt','w')

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Nov 2015
formatString = repmat('%.16g ',1,19);
formatString(end:end+1) = '\n';
data = xlsread('YourInputFile.xls');
[~, ~, group4] = unique(data(:,4));
numgroup = max(group4);
for G = 1 : numgroup
subset = data(group4==G, :);
thisfile = sprintf('YourOutputFile_part_%d.txt', G);
fid = fopen(thisfile, 'wt');
fprintf(fid, formatString, subset.' );


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