Import code generated by simulink to CCS v6

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rs on 16 Dec 2015
Answered: Srijith Vijay on 9 Jan 2017
I'm using R2015a and CCS v6. I have successfully gotten the c28069blink_cla.mdl to build and run on the F28069 controlCARD. Now I want to be able to take the code generated by Simulink and make a CCS project from which I can build, run code, and debug.
I created a new project in CCS and copied over the files, except the .obj, from the c28069blink_cla_ert_rtm folder that was generated in my Matlab. Then I changed the Include Options in the Properties section of the CCS project to set the include paths for various Matlab and TI include files needed (see pic).
When I try to build in CCS I get a bunch of "unresolved symbol" errors and "function declared implicitly" warnings. CCS cannot find the include files that are in the Matlab paths I set so it is not seeing all of the declarations of the functions (like c2000_flash_init()) and all the #defines in these include files. I know the include files cannot be found because if I find a #include statement in the source code that is referencing a file in the Matlab paths and I right click the statement and choose "Open Declaration" CCS tells me "could not find include file" in red text at the bottom of the screen (see pic). CCS is able to find the include files that are in the TI paths.
How can I get the CCS project working correctly?

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Shruti Sapre
Shruti Sapre on 18 Dec 2015
Could you try the makefile approach given at the below link?
Hope this helps!
Sourabh on 24 Aug 2016
Are you able to resolve the above issue? I am facing a similar issue.

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Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 9 Jan 2017
As of now, there is no direct way to do this. You can manually create a project in CCS and then manually link/add the source files and other linker and compiler dependencies in the linker and compiler options section of this CCS project, respectively.
This information is available in the .mk (makefile) generated along with the code. This will create a project file which you can later use.
The 'Import from Makefile' option in CCS may have a lot of dependency errors.
Our developers are aware of this and will be incorporating this feature to directly import a CCS project in one of the future releases of MATLAB.

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