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alternative for function vision.VideoFileReader() for live video stream as input

Asked by john john on 9 Feb 2016
Latest activity Edited by Ravindra Nadekar on 1 Nov 2018
the input to function vision.VideoFileReader() is a video file. what is the alternative function to receive a live video stream as input? for example in this post how can I replace live video stream as input and estimate depth from live video stream?


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1 Answer

Answer by Omar Crypps on 13 Mar 2018

After two years ... I faced this problem yesterday and this is my solution
1/ Change: "videoReader = vision.VideoFileReader('...avi')" by "videoReader = webcam(1)
2/ change " frame = step(videoReader) " by " frame = snapshot(videoReader)
3/ Change the While loop to an infinite loop
4/ Put in the While loop " frame = snapshot(videoReader)
I hope that it will be useful for someone

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frame = obj.reader.snapshot();% for reading snapshot i use this syntax I use this answer but the webcam is the start but nothing display when running the program

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