How to reformat a matrix with a continuous string

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Moe on 22 Feb 2016
Answered: dpb on 22 Feb 2016
Matrix A is as follows:
A = [7843,20,21,22,24,21;2345,21,23,22,24,25;5452,21,20,22,24,25;4231,20,21,22,23,20];
First convert 20 to A, 21 to B, 22 to C, 23 to D, 24 to E, 25 to F
I want matrix A to be formed like:
B = ['7843','ABCEB'
  • I need this format for using in Align multiple sequences, link below:
Or like the following photo:

Accepted Answer

dpb on 22 Feb 2016
>> B=[cellstr(num2str(A(:,1))) cellstr(char(A(:,2:end)+'A'-20))]
B =
'7843' 'ABCEB'
'2345' 'BDCEF'
'5452' 'BACEF'
'4231' 'ABCDA'

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