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Matlab 2005b 32-bit Windows 10 characters/fonts are all broken

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lama dacan
lama dacan on 24 Feb 2016
Answered: muhammad altaf on 13 Jul 2021
It was OK after installation, and it has been a while since I first used Matlab. Today, when I opened matlab, I noticed this:
I only see squares, and some characters do appear correctly, but most are dead. (I am a non-native English speaker, and while I think I installed English version, it may have been that some other version was installed. My operating system is Windows 10 64-bit, but this matlab is 32-bit)
I tried re-installing, but at the first opening of installer, I noticed the same problem:
So what is going on here? (other applications are working normal, so it must be something that Matlab uniquely uses..)

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